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       Chris has been singing and performing since highschool when he entered and won his schools competition “Mcmath Idol” in 2010. This kickstarted Chris’s drive to perform and connect with audiences on an intimate level. Between crafting and developing his skills as a frontman and learning from the greats, Chris and his band deliver an electrifying and engaging show leaving people feeling welcomed and accepted. As a before and after school care leader for school age kids at the Lord Tennyson Elementary School in Vancouver, Clute preaches and teaches inclusivity and community, which is a big part of his life and career as a musician. 


         Clute’s songwriting has been known to reflect a variety of perspectives and tapping into others’ point of view. Clute started to develop his own style of writing when he met close friends and producers, Sound of Kalima, back in college. “Homesick Holiday” invites listeners into the inner workings and thoughts of Clute through his early to mid 20’s.



















       Throughout the last year, Clute has been paving his way towards the big release by dropping singles such as ‘Midnight Drive’, a desperate drunken love song that combines the R&B, synthwave vibe of The Weeknd’s “Heartless” with hints of ethereal, layered bedroom pop, and alternative rock stations favorite, “Candy”, an addictingly sweet rock song comparing two of life’s tastiest things. Fan favorite, “B O D Y”, was written and produced in one late session, Clute explains. ‘I loved the idea of changing the meaning of the word body with the words before and after it and playing around with that. The thing that made this song is how the instruments and vocals trade space. Each taking their turn to come up to the surface and say their piece and then retreating to the background to let the other voices in the song be heard.”











       The track seeks out answers that most lovers wish to uncover within their lifetime. The feelings of unknowns and what if’s, brought around by our past relationships and long-lost friendships. Chris opens up “B O D Y” with the line “Would you pick up if I called you?” It’s one of those questions that dances in your head, but is too afraid to come up to the surface. Clute explains his message behind the track, “We all ponder what life would be like if X never happened, or if I was still together with this person, what would life be like?   B O D Y is for that lonely person who thinks they’re in need of someone.” The unapologetic track is also a reminder that we are not alone and with time things will get better. 

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